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Vahterus Heat Exchangers – Choose the Latest Model from TESCO Saudi


Depending on your choice and requirement, you can choose the best quality Forerunners of Plate & shell heat exchanger technology systems that are advanced and innovative and bring you numerous added benefits.

As far as these heat exchangers are concerned, they come with some added benefits. Vahterus OY comes on the top and counted as the original inventor and pioneer of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger technology. Not to mention PSHE combining the high heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers along with pressure capabilities of Shell and Tube heat exchangers.

From the time of inception in the year of 1990, Vahterus have carved a special niche and become one of the top most renowned names in the market know for bringing and working on impressive design, manufacture and at the same time as deliver the most compact and cost effective solutions to the clients in many sectors and applications.

5796032d812399644b3bcff5aThere is no denying the fact that PSHE can be described as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger that come with no gaskets or a generic alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers that are using only 25% of the footprint. The direct benefits are reduction in space requirements and weight.
Some of the added features and technical specifications are the following.

Magnetic bearing isolators are known for delivering the same performance and a shell as well as tube in only a very small part or one fourth of the space. In this way, they are counted as an ideal solution for an instance of FPSOs, in which PSHE can offer a significant space and weight savings.

They are strong and safe to use as they come with fully welded concept to ensure the safety of the product. Not to mention the internal pack – housed in a robust pressure vessel. They offer protection to surrounding environment and operating personnel.

Minimal maintenance requirement is the basic need; while low fouling and high temperature range are other essential points to note.

TESCO Saudi is a reliable name bringing you the latest model of Vahterus heat exchangers at competitive prices. You have to place your order as per your industrial requirements.


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