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Vahterus Heat Exchangers – Most Advance and the Forerunners of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger Technology


When it comes to choose a new range of heat exchangers, you will have more options to bring something new and different. You have to choose the most advanced and innovative one. Vahterus heat exchangers are ideal options that are working on the basis of original inventor and pioneer of plate and shell heat exchanger technology. Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers or PSHE are known for combining the high heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers and pressure capabilities of Shell and Tube heat exchangers.tesco-logo-e1449727541591-300x109The leading name in heat exchanging domain has been working to design, manufacture and deliver the most compact and affordable solutions to customers in different sectors and applications. What makes PSHE amazing is the way of using fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger with no gasket or a generic alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers using a very little percentage of the footprint. Not to mention reduction in space requirements and weight. There are numerous added benefits associated with the amazing devices that you will get after their installation and use.

Which Method is Convenient to Choose Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger?

For different manufacturing units and industries like petroleum and gas, automobile, construction and others, selection of a variety of machinery has always been a complicated task. For managers, engineers and professionals who have responsibility of such devices and machinery’s purchasing, search never ends to reach manufacturers or authorized wholesalers to choose something different. If you are looking for a new range of Vahterus heat exchangers or searching for similar other machines and devices, you will have some better options of fulfilling in your requirement in Saudi Arabia and anywhere in the world. Tesco Saudi is a well-established and professional company bringing you a variety of machinery for different industry verticals. You have to choose the right one that is convenient for you and place your order accordingly.


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