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Choose Advanced Vahterus Heat Exchangers from TESCO Saudi


Oil and chemical industry, petroleum industry, food processing, automobile and various other industries need different types of motors, machines and heat exchangers to make the functioning easier and to keep it into flow. There are different types of devices and machines required. Vahterus heat exchangers are along them that are the forerunners of plate and shell heat exchanger technology.

Technically advanced and innovative heat exchangers are designed and developed by Vahterus Oy – the original inventor and pioneer of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger Technology or PSHE that combine the high heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers and pressure capabilities of Shell and Tube heat exchangers.

The leading brand name has carved a special niche from the early 1990s for designing, manufacturing and delivering the most compact and cost-effective solutions to the clients in many sectors and applications. It can be described as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger with no gaskets or a generic alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers by using a very low footprint. Not to mention a gamut of added features associated with them and a number of added benefits that you will get with them.

Combined_uusi2Vahterus heat exchangers are ideal to give you the same performance as a shell and tube in only a quarter of the space. They are ideal for FPSOs where PSHE is known for offering a significant space and weight savings.

Safe construction with assurance of strong quality gives them new wings of popularity. The fully welded concept ensures the safety of the product. Not to mention the internal plate pack that is installed in a robust pressure vessel to offer protection to surrounding environment and operating personnel.

Low fouling is another added benefits as turbulent flow between heat transfer plates are ideal to generate high sheer stress forces on the surface. In this way, flushing away any particle before nay fouling occurs.

One of the added features is that minimal maintenance is required as there is no moving or replaceable part. In this way, it reduces maintenance needs to a great level.

TESCO Saudi is a one stop reliable name bringing you a new range of heat exchangers at competitive prices. You have to contact as per your requirement.


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