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Benefits of Vahterus Heat Exchangers


Working on the basis of the Forerunners of plate and shell heat exchanger technology, Vahterus heat exchangers are the basic need of different industrial domains that bring to them a number of added benefits. Designed and developed by the Vahterus OY – the original inventor and pioneer of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger Technology, has brought to you a new range of such exchangers that are truly doing wonders for different industry verticals.

As far as Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger Technology is concerned, it combines the high heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers and pressure capabilities of Shell and Tube heat exchangers. The leading manufacturing company of such heat exchangers has been working to design and manufacture as well as deliver the most compact and affordable solution to the clients in different sectors and applications.

PSHE is all set to describe as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger with no gasket or a generic alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers through only 25% of the footprint. Some added benefits are reduction in space requirement and weight. Others are given below:

Strong and Safe Construction – it is another important point to note in the form of fully welded concept that ensures the safety of the product. The internal plate pack is housed in a robust pressure vessel to offer protection to surrounding environment and operating personnel.


Solid and Low Weight – Such energy efficient and advanced heat exchangers can give the same performance as a shell and tube in only a quarter of the space. In this way, it is an ideal solution for an example of FPSOs, where PSHE can offer a significant space and weight savings.

Low Maintenance Requirements  – there are no parts in moving condition or replaceable. In this way, maintenance requirements are very low; while the turbulent flow across the plate surface works as a self-cleaning mechanism that eliminates fouling effect.

Low fouling is another added benefit of using Vahterus heat exchangers as turbulent flow between heat transfer plates and generating high sheer stress forces on the surface. In this way, they are flushing away any potential particle before any fouling occurs.

High temperature range and high pressure rating are also some added benefits of choosing the latest and best quality Vahters heat exchangers.

TESCO Engineering brings to you a new range of heat exchangers. You have to choose the right make and model and place your order.


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