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Magnetic Bearing Isolators Online in Saudi Arabia from Tesco Engineering


Isomag is the sliding face bearing or magnetic bearing isolator where the closure is all set to use magnetic force in comparison axial face lading by springs or bellows. Not to mention design technology that is coupled with their unique face combinations – sets a standard ahead of other bearing protection devices. Isomags hermetically seal the shaft in all low pressure centrifugal applications. No matter whether the equipment is operating or in standby mode, there is no aspiration of air or liquid across the faces. Such isolators are easy to install and tolerant of misalignment and perform equally well in dry running or liquid lubricated environment. Such device is known for offering all metallic primary construction and is both ANSI, API 610 approved. IsoMag magnetic oil seals are also ideal – outperform both lip and labyrinth seals and offer a range of added benefits that include, but not limited to:

  • Zero shaft wear and bi-directional seal
  • Nickle-plated neodymium magnets resist corrosion and no exposed moving parts
  • Self-alignment faces and increasing equipment MTBF
  • Preventing lubrication loss and eliminating contamination
  • Reducing heat generation and maximizing seal life
  • Isolating magnets from lubricant and handling low and high speed applications


There is a lot more associated with them. You have to choose the right model and place your order at the right supplier.

TESCO Saudi – Offering You Magnetic Bearing Isolators Online

When it comes to get the best quality, advanced and innovative Magnetic bearing isolators, you will have some better options of fulfilling your requirement by going online and reaching the right company that has been designing and developing such advanced machines and tools. You have to find the right one that is ideal for you, go through the details, technical specifications, add to cart and place your order.

Online search will take you to Tesco Engineering – a well-established name in Europe bringing to you the best quality and advanced solutions. The leading company has been designing and developing a variety of tools, machines, pumps and things for various industrial domains and applications. Available Magnetic bearing isolators are also one of them that are ideal to use and bring to you a number of added features and benefits. Being a reputed mechanical seal manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, Tesco Engineering has been bringing to you a variety of other devices too.


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